Product Warranty

FIRE WORLD manufacturers of Fire World fireplaces and braais warrant the firebox of the fireplace against faulty workmanship or faulty material under normal use for a period of 15 years.

The firebox is specifically but not exclusively garanteed against waroung under normal use.(Normal use implies that the fire must be made int the ember maker, or the ashpan of built-in braai and in the grate of fireplaces).

This warranty does not cover the logpan, grate, ashpan or any other replcaeable parts of the units.

Any fireplace or braai needs care throughout it's lifetime, and regular painting and maintenace is essential to keep this warranty valid.

Damage cuased by rust as a result of adverse conditions, misuse or water leakage is not covered by this warranty.

Damage caused at the time of installation ot due to incorrect installation is not covered by this arranty. It must be correctly unstalled to allow for expansion.

Any defect that is covered by this warranty will be inspected by a representative of Fire World and onlu at his descretion wukk the unit be considered for repair or replacement. His opion is binding.

Under no cicumstances will Fire World be liable for any consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use or operation of Fire World products.

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